A Reddit Testimonial

In 2022, when we hadn't yet launched and we were only accepting pre-orders, we were unsure what to name our products. So we asked our followers for suggestions, offering a free system to whoever named our products.

If you know anything about it, you know that we do not have fancy names for our products. And that's because the winning entry for this contest was a person who suggested that keeping things simple and simply calling the products what they are would be more in line with our brand. We had so many great suggestions, but we loved that one the most.

The contest winner had to wait a long, long time to receive their prize because of all the production delays we were experiencing. But when they finally got their system, they were so impressed that they took to Reddit to express their satisfaction. You can see the post here. The original text of their post got buried, so we've reprinted it here:

I won this setup over a year ago when Dum Audio held a contest to name their products. I had been intrigued by their beautiful prototypes and mission to make high quality analog audio components more accessible to “non-audiophiles”.

I’ve always been intimidated and confused by the terms and naming structures associated with high end record player systems, so I loved the idea of a (relatively) affordable all in one system that demystified those aspects, making it as accessible as possible. The way I won the naming contest was actually by suggesting they don’t add a naming system to their products, because I thought it would add more confusion to people like me, who were interested because of the simplicity.

The owner, Noam, humbly agreed with me and thanked me for reminding them of their mission. That was over a year ago during their indiegogo campaign. My friends were telling me that I was never going to get the record player, but I never lost faith because Noam was so dedicated to his mission and passionate about his product. He was very open and communicative throughout the whole process.

People finally started receiving their systems at the end of 2022/beginning of 2023 and I told him to make sure he fulfilled indiegogo backers’ orders before mine and I was just happy to get one eventually. I received mine a few weeks back and this is by far the nicest thing I own now lol it literally feels like some kind of dream that I got this thing for free.

It’s about $1900 on their website right now if you get the whole system. My previous setup was my moms old Sanyo TT from the 80’s and powered Kanto YU6 speakers. It wasn’t terrible, but it’s crazy how much of a level up the Dum Audio system is.

I’m by no means an audiophile and I have little to no experience with high end systems to be able to compare, but I’m more than happy to answer any questions anyone may have! And they did not ask me to post anything about their system but I’ve had such a pleasant experience with them as a company and the product itself that I wanted to share!

Addendum: Here's another customer's reddit post


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