Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below pertain mostly to our Concert Hall Collection. To learn more about our soon-to be released Vaudeville Collection, click here.


Q: Do you have inventory now?

A: Yes, our Concert Hall Collection is currently available.


Q: How long will it take to receive my order after I've made my purchase?

A: We will send out your order within two business days of receiving it, and it shouldn't take more than a week after that for the products to be delivered. 


Q: When does the clock start ticking on the one year warranty and 60-day return policy?

A: The clock for both of these starts ticking on the day that your products are delivered to you.


Q: Are Dum Audio’s individual products compatible with other brands? 

A: For sure. If you’ve got some gear already and you just need one or two items to complete the set, we’ve got you covered. You can hook up our components to just about any standard equipment (and if you’re not sure, reach out to us at If Dum Audio enables you to revive an old rig that you’re attached to and still performs well, that would be a thrill for us.


Q: Is Dum Audio only sold as a set or can I order components individually? 

A: While we recommend buying all three pieces in our bundle for the full experience (and the nice discount) you can also order each product individually based on what you need for your set-up. Note that our subwoofer will only be available individually. 


Q: Is there a subwoofer available? 

A: Yes, our passive subwoofer is currently in stock.


Q: If I get the bundle, can I use my own subwoofer with it?

A: You can, but only if it is a passive subwoofer. Most subwoofers out there are powered (meaning they have their own amplifier) but our system is somewhat unique in that it only works with a passive sub–so just be sure you know what you’re working with, and reach out to us if you’re not sure. 


Q: I know the system is analog-forward, but can I still stream from my phone or another device?

A: Yes. While we love analog, we’re not purists. We’ve included Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX so you can stream to our system from your phone, tablet or any device you choose. We’ve also added two extra analog inputs that pretty much anything can be plugged into (though you may need an adapter for certain things).


Q: Wait, you mean the system isn’t wireless?

A: That’s right. Our product line is analog-forward, and the analog signal cannot be transmitted wirelessly from the turntable to the amplifier and from the amplifier to the speakers; it has to get there the old-fashioned way. Where wireless systems win for convenience, our system wins for sound quality. It's the wires are what carry all of the warmth and depth that transform recorded music into its best form for your listening pleasure. 


Q: Do I have to supply my own wires?

A: No need to stress, all the wires you need are on us. Our turntable comes with analog cables to connect it to the amp, our speakers and subwoofer come with 6 ft. of wire each, and we’ve included banana plugs to make sure all the connections are as easy as possible. And of course, the amplifier and turntable come with all the electrical hookups you need as well.


Q: What do you mean by “passive” speakers?

A: “Passive” means that the speakers are powered directly by the amplifier, and therefore do not need to be plugged into the wall; they only need to be connected to the amplifier with speaker wire, which is included.


Q: Does the turntable require any accessories or add-ons to make it work? 

A: Nope! In keeping with our promise to make sure we give you everything you need (and nothing you don’t), our turntable includes all necessary components, including a phono pre-amp, so you don’t need to get a separate one, or any other external components for that matter. 


Q: If I already have a separate phono pre-amp, or an amplifier/receiver that has its own phono pre-amp, can I use it?

A: You sure can. At the back of the turntable there’s a switch that allows you to choose whether to use the built-in pre-amp or an external option.


Q: Can I return my system if I change my mind?

A: Yes. We offer a 60-day no-questions-asked return policy so that you can make sure you’re totally in love with your new system.


Q: Do you have a warranty? 

A: Definitely. We want to make sure your system is in its best form, so we offer a one-year warranty on all products. 


Q: Is it ok to buy a stereo system without trying it first?

A: It is when you have the security of a hassle-free 60-day return policy and a one-year warranty. We pulled out all the stops and worked with industry-leading experts to produce a truly remarkable system - and the early testimonials are very encouraging. But if you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can send it back and get a full refund.


 Q: Who started Dum Audio, and why?

A: Dum Audio was founded by music lover and amateur musician Noam Sugarman in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. He founded the company after trying and failing to find a stereo system that sounds amazing while also being beautiful and simple. Noam was frustrated that everything he found was some combination of expensive, unattractive, and way too complicated. He couldn't find a high-quality integrated Hi-Fi system that's perfect for people who love music but aren't so crazy about tech. So he decided to make one himself.


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