Beautiful sound is a gift.

Give great sound, great style, and blissful simplicity to the music lover in your life. Dum Audio’s brand new high-end Hi-Fi system is all about beauty and joy, making it the perfect gift.

Naturally, a gift this stylish would be fashionably late.

We’ve just started our first production run and will fulfill orders in early Spring, 2022. So to help make the holiday special for your loved one, we’ll send you a holiday card for them to open. You’ll also receive regular updates on the status of the Dum Audio products you order.


Give the best gift, get the best price (ever!)

During the holidays, we’re offering the entire Dum Audio system (turntable, amplifier, and pair of passive speakers) for over 25% off the retail price. When you order, we'll also give you the option to receive a holiday card so your loved one has something to open on Christmas Day.



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