The Dum Audio Early Adopter Club

We're only a couple of weeks way from having inventory and being able to fulfill orders in real time. So why should you pre-order now? Because it's the last and only chance you'll have to join the Dum Audio Early Adopter Club.

We started the club to show our appreciation for the many people who took a chance on us by pre-ordering our Stereo Systems and Subwoofers before we could fulfill them. Here are the perks of joining:


  • A one-time 50% product upgrade discount: With such a new product line, we're sure to get lots of feedback on potential improvements. So if down the road we add a feature or improve performance in any way for any product you've previously purchased, as an Early Adopter you will benefit from this at minimal cost.
  • Early access and preferential pricing on any new products that we develop. We have some ideas (and we're always keen for suggestions), and as soon as we announce anything we will make sure our early adopters are at the front of the line and paying the least.
  • Other benefits will be announced. This is a work in progress and we will continue to look for opportunities to reward our early adopters. We will reach out to all Early Adopters to solicit feedback once all orders are fulfilled.

To join the Dum Audio Early Adopter Club, all you have to do is pre-order one of our stereo systems before our inventory arrives later this month. We will stop accepting new members either on January 25 or when we've sold the last of the ten systems that are available for pre-order (as of January 9). And after that, the club will be closed to new members forever.

If you have any questions about this, drop us a line at and you'll get a quick response.


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