Music Used To Matter. It Still Can.

Music used to drive our culture, but now it's just kind of there. What happened? 

Digital technology, with all of its myriad benefits, has made music irrelevant by making it disposable. Thanks to streaming, people flit from song to song expecting to be hooked by a tune within five seconds.

Meanwhile, the ubiquity of flimsy portable speakers has accustomed people to having music played constantly, and so it fades into the background, scarcely noticed. The thin sound on those portable speakers certainly doesn't help matters.

But when you listen to music on vinyl with a good Hi-Fi stereo system, you're listening with purpose. You hear and feel the music on a different level because you're invested in the experience. Your mind opens. The sound pours down your spine like warm milk.

At Dum Audio, we want everyone to experience the joy and transcendence of great music played in high fidelity. We started this business to make Hi-Fi accessible to music lovers by making it simple and beautiful.

But there's even more at stake. If more and more people get back into Hi-Fi and listening to albums, music just might regain some of its prior relevance.

We look forward to growing our product line and doing many interesting things in the coming years. But for now, enjoy our beautiful stereo system (and our passive subwoofer if you can't get enough bass) - it will truly enhance your relationship with music and add a lot of beauty to your home.

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