The Dum Audio Origin Story

I have a confession to make: I am not an audiophile. In fact, I am probably one of the most technically unsophisticated and inept people you will ever meet. So how on earth did someone like me end up creating a line of premium high fidelity stereo equipment?

I have always loved music. Since I was 5 years old, when I would play Beatles and Beethoven records on my parents' stereo system (practically every living room had a stereo system back then), music has been my main passion.

But back in the Spring of 2020, while preparing to move into a new house, it occurred to me that my joy and enthusiasm for music had faded. I looked over at the portable Bluetooth speaker that was struggling to fill the room with sound and it dawned on me: it was time to grow up and get a proper stereo system.

I used to have a vintage stereo system that I adored, but over years of moving from place to place I lost track of it. Over time, streaming from Spotify to the dinky little Bluetooth speaker had become my primary means of listening to music, while my record collection sat untouched and unnoticed.

I suddenly became excited about getting a new stereo system. But when I started doing the research, the excitement quickly turned to anxiety. Remember, I'm not a technically sophisticated person. Reading about impedance and S/N ratios and power handling and phono preamps... It all made my head spin.

It also bothered me that many of the leading home audio brands were becoming all too digital. I didn't want yet another product for which I'd need to download an app, agree to inscrutable and ever changing terms and conditions, endure constant software updates, and ensure a constant wi-fi connection.

So I gave up on getting a brand new stereo system and instead picked up some inexpensive vintage components from a local re-seller. And when I fired it up, I was blown away. I knew it would be an improvement, but I didn't realize just how much more enjoyable it is to listen to a record in stereo - even on an old, underpowered system - than to stream through a single little speaker.

I also realized that when you take the time to put on a record, you listen with purpose. When you don't have the option of flitting impatiently to the next song after ten seconds, you give the music more of a chance to work its magic over you. You're more invested in the experience, and the investment nearly always pays off.

Having a stereo system completely rejuvenated my love of music. For the first time in years, I was eagerly seeking out new artists, buying new albums, and sitting in front of my speakers and just... listening. I'd leave my phone in another room and completely forget about it.

It then occurred to me that too many music lovers were missing out on this transcendent experience. Almost everyone I knew, even musicians, listened to music on portable Bluetooth speakers or laptop speakers the way I had. Somebody needed to create a Hi-Fi stereo system for people like me who simply didn't realize what they were missing. And I figured, why not me?

After doing some research, I decided to proceed by assembling a team of industrial designers and engineers. I was lucky to find the best possible people for this job. I told them what I wanted and we got down to business.

After more than two years of product development and many frustrations induced by supply chain shortages, we have finally released a stereo system that is designed for music lovers: it sounds great, it looks lovely, it's easy to use, and there are absolutely no screens or algorithms.

If you love music and you're looking for a high quality Hi-Fi stereo system that gives you everything you need and nothing you don't, Dum Audio is for you. If you're not sure or you want to learn more about us, I invite you to reach out to me directly at


Gerald Janssen

Congrats on your hifi startup company. I’m an old school stereo enthusiast and your new system looks great. Vinyl is back and your market timing is perfect. Best wishes and good luck.

James Rosario

I just saw a video on utube reviewing this system ,I have not seen a system like this in a long time the amp is very different ,speakers ,sub woofer even TT looks nice ,I love the look although it is pricey and you may be a comp based in Canada but this is not made in Canada but china thats the beef I have with fluance they have very nice TT’s and charge a lot but are made in china you know they are not paying the workers high amounts of money but your system is very nice I would like more info on the amp and turntable is it a solid plinth or hollow the tone arm has peaked my interest I would love to see insides of this TT JRo



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