Top 5 Reasons To Get Hi-Fi With Dum Audio

There are many reasons to get a Dum Audio stereo system. We chose what we think are the best five.

Give it a read, and let us know in the comments if you think we're missing anything or if you'd put them in a different order.

5. Hi-Fi Adds Beauty And Character To Your Home

Ok, fine, most Hi-Fi products on the market are plain looking or else downright ugly. But the Dum Audio stereo system is a work of art.

We believe that premium products should be unique and make a statement - It's one of the main reasons we stared Dum Audio. This way, you can enjoy your stereo system even when it's not on. 

4. Owning And Collecting Records Is Incredibly Fun And Rewarding

Flipping through records at your local record store is a great way to pass the time while getting to know and supporting a business in your community. It's a treasure hunt that nearly always delivers.

And whether your record collection fills an entire room or just a single crate, it's something that you've personally curated and therefore something with which you develop a deep bond. Does anybody feel that way about their Spotify playlist?

3.  Putting On A Record Is A Delightful Ritual

There's something magical about listening to records. A well-loved record sounds incredible, but it's more than just that: the spectacle of the carousel of album covers as you make your selection, the tactile thrill of pulling a record out of its sleeve and placing it on the spindle, the giddy anticipation as the needle drops gracefully onto the outer edge, and, finally, the poignant ecstasy as the music drapes itself over you - it all adds up to pure joy.

In a world that's overflowing with distraction and fragmented attention, we all need more of these kinds of rituals.

2.  Retreat From The Digital

Have you noticed that virtually every product these days is marketed as being smart? Whether it's your truck, your toaster, or your toothbrush, we're being inundated with products that want desperately to connect wirelessly to our digital devices so that they can bombard us with notifications while insisting (politely of course) that they need to know everything about us in order to function properly.

Unfortunately, this is also playing out in home audio. There are some great products out there, but more and more of them come with too much digital baggage. So if you don't have location services turned on, or the wifi is out, or you don't agree to the ever changing terms and conditions, or you don't have the latest software installed or app downloaded, you'll just have to do without.

At Dum Audio, we're proud to be going against that grain. We purposefully designed our products to be easy and fun to use, with no screens, wifi, algorithms, or terms and conditions ever getting in the way. We want to enable you to put your phone down and maybe even forget about it, at least for a little while.

1. Love Music Even More

Over the years, as streaming services and portable speakers have become ubiquitous, many of us have grown accustomed to an inferior listening experience. And because it kind of just happened gradually, we don't really realize what we're missing.

But there's a tradeoff. Those dinky little portable/smart speakers may be cheap and convenient, but their sound is thin and uninspiring. And while streaming has its merits, there's something empty about impatiently flitting from song to song.

So when you get back into Hi-Fi, you'll be blown away by just how unbelievable music sounds when played on a premium stereo system. And when you take the time to put on a record, you'll be more invested in the experience, and so you'll listen with more intention and therefore enjoy the music that much more.

Thanks for reading this far - as a reward, take 10% off your order by using promo code Top5Ten. 

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